3 Kitchen Remodeling Features that You Will Not Regret

1. Carrara Marble for Countertops

Peace Monument

Carrara marble is a unique stone that has been used since the Roman Empire. This type of white marble got its name from Carrara, Italy where it was first quarried. It’s an everlasting classic for a countertop because it is often used for sculptures. Many famous sculptures and buildings are made of Carrara marble like Michelangelo’s David, the Peace Monument in Washington D.C, and the Tomb of Pedro II of Brazil.  It’s readily available making it cheaper than other high-end stones like quartz. It is also different from other marble types as Carrara marble does not stain easily.

2.  Smart Storage

Smart Storage

The kitchen has evolved from a place that just has a stove and some cabinets to a place equipped with a variety of appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine, microwave, and many others. To save space, smart storage is the solution and it changed the environment of the kitchen. Not only it could save you a ton of space but it makes the kitchen much more modern.

3. White is the Primary Choice of Color

white kitchen

White is always the primary choice of color in life, whether it was for clothing, cabinet, floor, there is always an element of white in your house. It reflects a sense of happiness and purity and it matches to any other color you decide to mix it in. It simply doesn’t get outdated and it can withstand the test of time.

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3 Kitchen Remodeling Features that You Will Not Regret