5 Reasons Why You Should Use Green Materials and Construction

Global warming is significantly impacting the environment without a doubt. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen by 34 % since the 17th century. In addition to that, 60000  km2  of forest area is disappearing each year (roughly the size of Ireland). It is extremely important to protect the environment now. One place to start is a green building. Here is top 5 reasons why you should use green materials and constructions:

1. Cost Saving

Green materials offer significant financial benefits compared to traditional components:

Green materials reduce or eliminate initial production fees because they are often recycled from other projects. It may be a little bit more expensive in the beginning but it tends to last much longer than traditional materials. As the nation is going green, so does the building codes, and if the construction is using green materials, it will obtain permits faster and easier to pass inspections.

2.  Better for Your Health

It is no longer a secret that traditional materials used in construction contain toxic elements. Volatile organic compounds are often found in these materials and have proven that it increases cancer risks and other problems.

In comparison, green materials contain none of that. For example, wheat straw can be made into sheets that perform as well as plywood. Vinyl-free floor coverings also don’t include the toxins that the substances have. In addition to that, green materials are often used with green designs which are built to have more natural sunlight into the building. It enhances the health and happiness of the household. 

3.  Reduce Energy being Wasted

Technology has improved people’s lives and certainly, it has helped buildings maintained their energy more efficient and minimize waste. For example, motion detectors can switch on or off lights when people enter or leave the room. In addition to that, brighter, warmer LED lighting is used to reduce your energy cost and it will last for years. Climate control system can automatically adjust according to the occupancy of a room.

4. Improve Your Landscape

Green construction is not only available indoors but it is also available outdoors as well. When protecting and retaining the existing landscape, it is important to select plants that require low water, minimum trimmings, and pesticide needs for the purpose of providing food for birds.

5.  Increase Home Value

Consumers who understand long-term investment and savings tend to go green as early as they can. Homebuyers surveyed by National Association of Realtors who ranked energy efficiency as “very important” purchased homes that had a median price $12,400 higher than those not.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Green Materials and Construction