A Good Design Makes All The Difference

Recently we have seen many smaller baths being renovated. With renovating a small room the biggest key to the project is getting a good design. While many people start with the ambition of expanding the room most people opt out of it because they don’t want to take space from other places in the house. By using sound design techniques you can make the room seem larger while still keeping the same square footage.

A recent bathroom that we renovated in Winchester is a good example of using these design ideas to enlarge a room. The bathroom was wider than it was long when you walked in. To help visually correct this, we used a design technique of installing longer tiles to give the room more visual depth. The tiles that were chosen were Dal Tiles Eastside Brown Concrete Connection porcelain tiles. These tiles usually come in 20inch by 13inch pieces. Although this is already a long tile, we had them custom ordered to 6 ½ inch by 20 inch pieces to add to the effect. The Eastside Brown color is a dark grey with minor light grey accents. Since there is very little variation in the colors of the tiles it gives the floor a more seamless look, which also visually stretches the area.

Another way to make the space seem larger is to install a walk in shower with a clear glass door. This will extend peoples line of sight more than a curtain or a frosted glass door will. This naturally will make people feel like room is larger while not extending the footprint of the room.

The final design method used was putting in a pedestal sink. While still allowing for the same size sink, this also extends the line of sight because the base is open. A vanity would have taken up more space in the room but have given more area for storage. To compensate for that, an inset medicine cabinet was installed instead of a mirror. This allows the homeowner to keep the same amount of storage while still opening up the bathroom.

Due to these design techniques the bathroom kept the same footprint while having a more spacious feel.

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A Good Design Makes All The Difference