Adding Storage to Your Bathroom Design

A comprehensive bathroom design plan consists of pairing style with functionality. Constructing a bathroom that showcases both your personality while containing enough storage space is critical. There are many ways you can de-clutter your new bathroom without spending money on unneeded shelving.

Begin by asking yourself a few key questions:

  • Who is using the bathroom?
  • How frequently is the bathroom used?
  • Will there be electronics in the bathroom?
  • Can the bathroom accommodate a large vanity?

Incorporate a Vanity

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, a vanity is the perfect solution to your storage needs. A powder room should have a vanity that holds hand towels and extra soap while a large bathroom can accommodate a bigger vanity.

Vertical Space

If you have enough vertical space, look at the walls to add additional storage. Wall mounted shelves or built in shelves will also be beneficial.

Customized Accessories

It’s too bad there aren’t any one-size-fits-all storage units! However, you can always customize accessories into specialized drawers. Even a push out laundry basket is a great way to maximixe space and eliminate clutter.

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Adding Storage to Your Bathroom Design