Basement Access Door Installed

Yesterday the concrete cutters came to cut an entrance at the new addition in Sudbury. The foundation for the new addition was up against the original homes foundation. To make it so the homeowners can access the new basement, a section of the foundation was cut away to create a door.

To do this cut, the concrete workers used a hydraulic wet saw. This saw uses hydraulic fluid forced through 2 hoses to move the saw blade instead of a gas motor. This allows the workers to use it in confined areas without needing to worry about exhaust fumes. The saw uses a 10 ½ inch cutting blade which uses water, not only cool the saw blade, but also to limit the dust that is thrown off during the work. Due to the use of water in the cutting process the saw must be used in an unfinished area, this is why we had them cut the hole for the door before the slab for the floor was laid.

The entrance into the new basement that we cut was 90 inches tall and 42 inches wide. This is an extra half foot bigger than a normal door so that the home owners can easily move furniture into the area for storage.

The concrete slab that was removed from the foundation weighs over 3000lbs. Seeing how it cannot be removed from the addition in its current state, we will have an employee come in with a jack hammer to break it up into more manageable pieces.

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Basement Access Door Installed