Campion Hall Update

The work at Campion hall is moving along quickly. At the Summer House, all the insulation has been put up and the plaster crews are going through to hang the sheet rock. On the outside of the townhouse, the deck for each condominium is being put up. The framers are laying the skeleton for them now, then a composite decking will be used for the floor.

Also, there are two teams of masons working on the exterior. One team is putting up a brick facade on the building. The bottom half of the town houses will have a brick finish to make it so they match the brick finish that was originally on the mansion. To make sure that it has a seamless appearance with the mansion, we are using recreation 1900 bricks. Every 3 feet the masons are putting in an accent strip of 2 inch by 2 inch bricks. This will visually break up the wall and give the exterior more character.

The second masonry team is putting in the stone stairs and front landings. This is being done using a mosaic of large stone slabs. The slabs come in uniform sizes, so the workers are cutting them down into unique dimensions so they can fit together in a seemingly random order. To do this they plan out each landing before making a single cut then they use an 8 inch gas powered saw equipped with a special blade to easily cut through the stone.

Once the exterior and plastering is done the finish carpenters will be coming in to complete this building before the end of the year.

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Campion Hall Update