Bathroom Renovation – Electrical Update in Boxford

In Boxford we are renovating a home’s master bathroom to give it an updated look and a walk in closet. The master bathroom in the house is located directly over the homes kitchen, which was renovated six years ago by another company. The bathroom was completely gutted, which exposed the electrical wiring for the kitchens recessed lights.

When the previous company installed the lights for the kitchen, they connected them to the old wiring using a function box, which was then covered over by the new ceiling. Although this was the standard procedure for light installation back then, now it is out of code. Since it was exposed during the bath renovation the home owners are now required to update this wiring to the current code of having all junction boxes easily accessible. This means there must be a way for them to be reachable without removing the ceiling or recessed lights. Usually what will happen is the junction boxes will have an access panel in the ceiling, which looks like a plug cover without the outlet.

Seeing how the homeowners have three recessed lights they would need to have three of these blank panels exposed in their kitchen. Not only can this be an unsightly addition to the kitchen, but with an electrician coming in to move the junction boxes and a carpenter doing the work to the ceiling, it can also be costly.

Luckily since Andover Renovation Solutions has an electrician on staff who was already at the home he was able to fix the problem before it became a major issue. Instead of adding the access panels the home owner decided to eliminate the junction boxes by running new wires from the homes main electric panel to the lights. This brought the kitchen lighting up to the current code while helping avoid any further work being done to the kitchen. Due to having our own in house electrician the home owners were able to keep their kitchens seamless look and get the upgrade done for a fraction of the cost.

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Bathroom Renovation – Electrical Update in Boxford