Home Renovation Services in Boston, MA

Boston is the capital and largest city in Massachusetts. First settled in 1630, it is famous for its historical events in the American Revolution such as Boston Tea Party, Battle of Bunker Hill, and Boston Massacre. It has also become a center for education and health today as it is home to Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, Children’s Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Since it was settled about 400 years ago, many of the elements in the house need renovation and remodeling. Andover Renovation Solutions are proud to serve the community of Boston with the highest dedication and committed to make every customer satisfied.

Room Additions in Boston MA

There is often something unexpected happening in life, whether there are additional family members, or feeling the need to have a game room, gym, bedroom, library, it can be hard to accommodate when there were no previous plans to increase the space of the house. However, with the help of Andover Renovation Solutions, our 25+ years of experience will ensure that we’ll make the new room look as if the room was always there.

Bathroom Remodeling in Boston MA

The bathroom can be a space where the appearance becomes old very quickly due to concentrated moisture and bacteria within such small area. Bathroom renovations are often done to make the room look amazing again. Andover Renovation Solutions will strive to not only renovate but also remodel it to increase the size of the room. Some of our additions are recessed  shelving & pocket shower door. Our other elements are radiant heat floors, whirlpool tub, and rain forest shower head, making your bathroom both unique and extraordinary.

Kitchen Renovations in Boston MA

The kitchen nowadays is no longer only a kitchen, it is a meeting place of the family, a homework station for kids, and a hang out place for adults. There are many ways to renovate and remodel your kitchen and our experts can design it the way you desire. You can choose a contemporary or traditional, basic or professional style along with granite countertops, glass panel countertops,  linoleum floors, and much more.

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Home Renovation Services in Boston, MA