How to Create a Gourmet Kitchen

Before you start to go on the path of remodeling your current kitchen into a gourmet kitchen, please consult a home modelling specialists like Andover Renovation for advice on if your kitchen is capable of being remodeled into a gourmet kitchen.

Important features of a gourmet kitchen:

  • Gas ranges are preferred in order to cook faster and deliver heat directly from the source to the pan
  • If love to host parties and you use the oven a lot, you might need 2 ovens. One of those should equip with a fan that circulates hot air to cook food efficiently.
  • A warming drawer is used to keep the food warm until serving and it will avoid the need to reheat it in a microwave that destroys any nutritional value of the food. It is extremely necessary especially during the freezing cold New England weather.
  • A Dishwasher is crucial on saving time on cleaning pots, pans, and dishes after a party is held.
  • Easy to clean and sturdy surface like quartz has a better stain-resistance and durability than natural stones like granite.

Some additional questions to ask yourself:

How many people cook at a time?

Do you bake a lot?

Are spaces needed to store wine?

What kind of dishes do you cook and do they need special cookware to be prepared?

Contact Andover Renovation Solutions at 978.474.6255 for your old kitchen to be remodeled into a new gourmet kitchen.

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How to Create a Gourmet Kitchen