Kitchen Remodel Woburn

Today we are putting the final coat of poly on the hardwood floor in the Woburn kitchen remodel and family room remodel. The home owners are thrilled with the final product and the overall accuracy of our time line. This project entailed demoing and remodeling the entire kitchen, ceiling and floors in the family room, the floor in the bathroom, and both the front and back entrance ways.

In the kitchen we removed the current laminate flooring and installed brand new 2 1/4″ white oak hardwood floors. The walls were demoed to the studs and re-insulated with R-13 fiberglass insulation where needed. All walls were leveled with strapping and appropriate nailers were installed to hang all cabinets. We installed blueboard and veneer plaster to all walls for a smooth finish and painted all walls with 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams paint. The cabinets installed were Welborn Select Series with a full overlay Concord raised panel in a caramel maple finish. The counter top was an Uba Tuba granite with a 4″ backsplash and an artisan undermount stainless steel sink. All window and door trim was done with 3 1/4″ preprimed colonial casings and baseboards were standard speedbase.

In the family room the ceiling was demoed and re-framed because it was significantly out of level, one of the walls was replaced as the other walls were barn board, and the existing rug was removed. We carried the 2 1/4″ white oak hardwood into the family room and office area for a uniform look. The ceiling and one wall was covered with blueboard and plaster and painted with 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams paint. We also applies a crown moulding to the ceilings to cover previous over painting on the barn board and to add an accent to the walls.

Tile was applied to the bathroom floor, the front entrance way, and the back entrance way. The bathroom floor was over 2″ out of level so after demoing the existing tile we had to re-level the floor using self leveler before installing the new tile.

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Kitchen Remodel Woburn