Manchester-By-The-Sea Addition

In Manchester-By-The-Sea we are doing an addition in the basement of a water front home. Due to the slope of the land the houses basement is exposed in the back and sides. Off to the right side of the house there was a patio area but due to lack of sunlight it was almost never used by the homeowner. The house also had a small basement bedroom with a closet off of the side of it. In the closet were the homes utility connections and it was never used by the owner.

To better utilize the space both inside and outside the owner decided to expand bedroom and make a bathroom next to it. The bathroom will include a walk in shower with a separate tub underneath a bay window. This will let additional light in the bathroom and is a classic design concept for bathrooms. The stand alone tub with a shower next to it is a style that has become very popular recently and the mixture of these two styles will give the bathroom a look that is recent but will not look dated in the years to come.

One of the nice features of this project is the remodel of the old utility closet. This is going to be turned into a walk in closet for the basement bedroom. The walls have been plastered over to give it a finished look but since there are pipes and wires that may need to be available to the homeowner, there have been access panels included. Finishing the closet will not only add functionality to the house but having a full basement suit will also greatly increase the homes value.

The outside space will have a redone patio with a grill. The grill is going to be built into bricks which match the restraining wall next to it. This will give the owner a nice outside area overlooking the water which he can entertain guests in.

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Manchester-By-The-Sea Addition