Reading Kitchen Remodel

In Reading our kitchen remodel is moving into the final stages of the project. This week the tile installers were there last week installing the floor and the wall tile in back of the counter top. For the wall tile the owners went with a 5 inch tall by 3 in wide white porcelain. When installed it will visually make the gap between the cabinets and the counter top seem larger. Mixed into this pattern are 2 inch by 2 inch green tiles that have been turned 45 degrees and placed at the corners of every other intersection. This will add an accent to the walls and break up the pure white feel that it would have been created with the tile and white cabinet combination.

The larger back splash behind the stove has a centerpiece that is rectangle made of 6 inch by 6 inch tiles that were again turned at 45 degrees. The Tiles are a mix of emerald green and grey. The green tiles will tie into the 2 inch accent tiles along the wall and also match the 1 inch chair rail tiles that act as a boarder for the centerpiece.

Making up the rest of the back splash is a mosaic made of 1 inch by 1 inch tiles. To help pull all the colors together our designers suggested reusing the same emerald green and grey from the centerpiece and white from the wall tiles. This gives the kitchen a cohesive feel while again breaking up the visual feel of the white cabinets that it is set into.

This week the finish carpenters are working to install the cabinetry and the island. They will also be building the custom wine rack that will go above the refrigerator to help better utilize that space. The electricians are there installing the recessed lighting and hooking up the new appliances. That will bring the kitchen to substantial completion so that the homeowners can start using it before we come in to finish the punch list.

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Reading Kitchen Remodel