Sustainable Green Design

We offer green sustainable design services which include:

Energy Efficient Building Design using high levels of insulation and high performance windows and doors and tight construction techniques as well as energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, lighting and appliances.

Efficient Small Space Design by optimizing interior space to meet the specific needs of our clients through careful design thus using less construction materials.

Renewable Energy Design is incorporated into the design in a cost effective manner considering solar orientation, efficient mechanical systems, and water usage.

Recycling is considered in every kitchen design to make provisions for storage and processing of recyclables.

Avoiding Potential Health Hazards from radon, mold, and pesticides by testing and designing to minimize these risks.

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Kitchen remodel using Green products

This recent project shows how easy it is to incorporate green design into a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodel: Using Green Products and Sustainable Design.

Andover Renovation Solutions has been using Green Products for over 25 years

Sustainable Green Design